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PP-1   Centre Holding Device
PP-2   V Block
PP-3   Vee Support
PP-4   10x magnification for RPP-12/12A
PP-4A  Objective 20x, 25x and 50x for RPP-250
PP-5    Objective 20x, 25x, 50x and 100x for RPP-3000
PP-6    Digital Micrometer (Set)
PP-7    Digital Read Out (DRO) System (Least Count 0.001 mm)
PP-8   Data Processor
PP-8A  Profile Charts (for Radius and Protractor)
PP-8B  X - Y Stage Size 200 x 300mm with Micrometer Head of 50mm
PP-9    Digital Protractor (Angular) Readout System
PP-10  Rotary Measuring Stage
PP-11  Quick Measuring Dimensional Measuring Software Package alongwith compatible Computer System